What You Missed This Week in Pop Culture: Gigi Hadid Drops VS Fashion Show, 5H Member’s Solo Single, Etc.

Every single day you can always expect a new scandal or headline popping up in your social media feeds about your favorite Hollywood celebs. However, while we always make sure to keep up with our favorite actors and musicians, there is always so much going on every news cycle that there’s no way that we can possibly keep up with every single thing happening in Tinseltown. So you can be your BFF’s go-to-gal with everything celebrity-related, we’re here to give you a quick rundown of the most important stories that surfaced this week in the crazy world of Hollywood.

NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: A New Feature for 5H’s Lauren Jauregui, Paramore Gives Us “Fake Happy”

On Friday, 11/17 we were gifted a ton of new music. Here’s some of the exciting stuff that made us “happy” this week.

Fifth Harmony Member Debuts New Solo Feature

5H‘s Lauren Jauregui hopes to keep you up “All Night” with this new song.

Just six months after our ears were blessed to hear her collaboration with Halsey, “Strangers,” off of the Halsey’s album,
Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, Lauren released another feature with known hit-maker producer Steve Aoki.

The song is of a similar style to Fifth Harmony’s latest self-titled album in that it’s a fun, upbeat track that’s perfect for your workout playlist. You need to hear it now!

Paramore Brings Us Happiness with “Fake Happy” Video

Paramore released a music video for their single “Fake Happy” from their After Laughter album.

While the song itself may sound upbeat, underneath it all listeners can hear serious lyrics describing artificial contentment in today’s effed up world. It’s a comment on how everyone feels as though they need to put on a “happy” face in order to just get through the day. Hayley Williams sings about how questions like “How are you?” is always met with a superficial “I’m good!” when we aren’t feeling that way at all.

It’s worth a watch because even with the sad message, it’s something that’ll resonate with you.

AMA News ahead of Sunday’s show

The American Music Awards is this Sunday night (Nov. 19) and we can’t wait!

After weeks of buildup, the night is finally within reach. There are a ton of performers lining up for the big night: Korean pop boy group BTS are making their US debut, Selena Gomez is returning to the stage for the first time since her recent health scare, and Christina Aguilera is doing a tribute to the late Whitney Houston with music from The Bodyguard soundtrack.

And it’s just been announced that Pink and Kelly Clarkson will be teaming up to open the show! According to People, the two powerhouse vocalists will be singing together for the first time. Fans have been clamoring for the two duet and it’s safe to say that everyone is freaking out with this announcement.

“I’m a huge fan of Pink,” Clarkson told EW editor-in-chief Henry Goldblatt at the magazine’s A-List event in New York City in November. “I haven’t had the chance yet to work with her. I think if you project it enough, it might happen, right?”

And just like that, it’s happening! The two took to social media to share their excitement:

Victoria Secret Fashion Show News: Models banned from entering country, Gigi drops out & more

HOT MESS ALERT! The 2017 Victoria Secret Fashion Show keeps hitting road block after road block. The show is being held in Shanghai, China on Nov. 20 but bad news keeps coming with every passing day.

According to Page Six, Katy Perry, who was scheduled to perform has now been banned from China indefinitely – along with a gaggle of models who were set to walk the runway. This news came hours after Gigi Hadid announced that she, too, would be unable to attend as well. Craziness!

Both Katy and Gigi had tried applying for visas to enter the country and were initially given permission. However, both were eventually denied by Chinese officials due to political reasons and in regards to the two celebs social media accounts. Yikes. Vanity Fair reports that the Chinese government is known to comb through social media postings and press reports of famous celebs when they are looking to gain access into the country and if there is something they deem unfit, they deny entry.

Besides Katy and Gigi, some of Victoria’s Secret’s biggest names have been denied entry to China, in addition to lesser-known models.

In short, the show is an absolute catastrophe. And with only a few days to recify the unfortunate happenings leading up, things aren’t looking so great. The drama behind the scenes of one of fashion biggest shows will either make the event a must-see or an absolute bomb.

Bella Thorne Reacts to the death of her former BF/rapper Lil Peep

Bella Thorne paid tribute to her ex-boyfriend Lil Peep (real name Gustav Åhr) after the rapper’s sudden passing on Nov. 15.

The former Disney actress took to her social media after news broke to pay her respects. She posted an Instagram story sharing video and photos of herself and her former love with the caption: “Look at that big f–king smile 🐥 always lit up the room. Hearts are breaking everywhere. @lilpeep.”

According to The Daily Mail, the Tucson Police Department said that the up-in-coming musician died of a suspected Xanax overdose. The toxicology report will provide better clarity. Lil Peep’s manager found him unresponsive on his tour bus and upon repeated attempts to resuscitate him by local police and the fire department, he was announced dead at the scene.

The Disney star wasn’t the only one, several other celebs took to their social media to pay respect to him:

Former SNL cast member and current Minnesota Senator Al Franken accused of sexual assault

The outcry of stories of sexual assault and abuse continued to get louder after a radio newscaster accused Al Franken, Democrat of Minnesota and former SNL cast member, of kissing and groping her without consent before he ran for office.

Newscaster, Leeann Tweeden, posted an article on KABC detailing how Franken forcibly kissed her during a rehearsal and groped her for a photo while she slept. In 2006, Tweeden was participating in an USO Tour to entertain the troops. She said that during her time there, on top of the instances of assault, she also faced months of harassment from the senator.

Franken, who has been mentioned as a possible future presidential candidate, quickly issued an apology. But the damage was done.

It’s unfortunate that this is even occurring in today’s society, but it’s beautiful that after hearing other victim’s stories, more people finally are able to feel comfortable enough to go public themselves.

Another Woman Comes Forward Accusing Ed Westwick of Rape

A week after two women made rape and assault allegations against Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick, a third woman has come forward.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Rachel Eck said she and Westwick met at the Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood the night before the 2014 Oscar Awards. Eck, a 23-year-old executive assistant at the time, alleges that her ex-boyfriend, Kaine Harling invited her to go to a hotel where they were to meet Westwick. Harling is the same the producer who Westwick’s first accuser, Kristina Cohen, claims brought her to the actor’s home in 2014 the night of the other alleged rape. She said that when there, Westwick “pulled me onto the bed and aggressively groped me. I shoved him off as quickly as I could and left.”

Westwick has denied accusations against him. After the second accusation from former actress Aurélie Wynn, Westwick issued a statement: “It is disheartening and sad to me that as a result of two unverified and provably untrue social media claims, there are some in this environment who could conclude I have had anything to do with such vile and horrific conduct.”

The LAPD is already investigating the rape claims against Westwick but so far, they have released no information.


That’s all for this week’s installment of This Week in Pop Culture, stay tuned for a new one next week. Because while celebs may go stale, you can count on the gossip to always stay fresh.

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