The Fact That Malia Obama Is Only 15 And Working On A TV Set Proves We’re All Underachievers

In case you were feeling accomplished in your adult life, I’m about to ruin that for you with news that Malia Obama can, at 15 years old, say that she’s helped produce a Hollywood TV show. And to add insult to budding jealousy, it’s the fairly top-of-the-line set of CBS’ forthcoming show Extant, to which both Steven Spielberg and Halle Berry are attached. If you don’t yet feel like a flop, remember that in her free time she is both the President’s daughter and a normal-ish high school student without acne. How many of those things you could say about yourself at the ripe old age of 15?

According to TheWrap, Malia was spotted working as a Production Assistant on the set and had a pretty good time living everyone else’s dreams.

“She helped with computer shop alignments and the director also let her slate a take.”

While that may not sound like very much at all, please remember that most people go through years of film school before they’re even allowed into the Studio City area of California. (That’s a fact, no need to look it up.) And I’m not blaming this on nepotism, but maybe Nepotism would like to step forward and accept the blame himself? No? Okay, well let’s just forget all about it, then, and go back to feeling like Malia snagged this one based on her own merits. It helps me sleep better at night.

And, while we’re at it making lifelong dreams come true, I can’t wait to hear about Sasha Obama’s trip to the moon next week and Bo Obama finally making fetch happen.

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