The Biggest Moments From The 2018 Grammys: Kesha’s Moving Performance & the Big (Mostly Male) Winners of the Evening

The 60th Annual Grammy Awards took place Sunday night and it was certainly an event to remember. For some stars, like Jay-Z and Beyoncé, this was not their first trip to the biggest night for music of the year. Even their daughter Blue Ivy Carter has hit the Grammys red carpet several times now. And this year, Blue stole the spotlight from her parents in a big way. Cardi B attended her first Grammys in 2018 and gave one of the greatest interviews on E! News while on the red carpet. Then she lit up the stage with Grammys veteran Bruno Mars to sing their hit collab, “Finesse” and got everyone on their feet to dance. For those of you who fell asleep too early to catch the show, you can catch up on all of the biggest moments of the night in this recap!

Everyone wore white roses on the red carpet

Did you notice every celebrity managed to incorporate a white rose into their ensemble for the night? Even during Elton John‘s performance of “Tiny Dancer,” the singer had a white rose on his piano. The musicians who attended the award show wore the roses for the same reason that many actors wore black to the Golden Globes, in support of the Time’s Up movement. It is a way to say “time’s up” for the mistreatment and abuse many women have suffered in their industry and beyond. The group, Voices in Entertainment penned an open letter, encouraging stars to wear white roses, because, “historically it stands for hope, peace, sympathy, and resistance.” Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, Nick Jonas, Miley Cyrus, Camila Cabello, Sam Smith, and many, many more wore roses. Zayn didn’t have an actual rose on his suit but instead had a white rose patch ironed on. This all prefaced Janelle Monae‘s powerful speech on gender equality later on in the night, and Kesha‘s performance that moved many to tears.

Kesha fought back tears during her performance

The fans weren’t the only ones crying during Kesha’s Grammys performance. Kesha’s journey in the music industry has not been an easy one, but she’s finally back doing what she loves! The singer spent years battling Dr. Luke and her label Sony, for her former producer’s alleged rape and sexual/emotional abuse for years. The hashtag “#FreeKesha” emerged during 2016 when the singer/songwriter was trying to get out of her six-album contract that would force her to work with him. She was denied but told she could work with other producers under Dr. Luke’s label.

In a night that was celebrating the Me Too movement, Kesha’s performance of her hit song “Praying,” which is about her experience with the alleged abuse producer, was timely and moving. She sang with other powerhouse female vocalists including Camila Cabello, Cyndi Lauper, Bebe Rexha, Andra Day, and Julia Michaels by her side. She sang through her tears the incredibly emotional song. The night was a big one for her, as she was nominated for two awards. She may not have won the awards last night, but her performance will go down in Grammy history.

Cardi B gave the most iconic red carpet interview

Fans of Cardi B know she’s about as real as it gets. She pretty much has no filter, and while it sometimes gets her into trouble, her willingness to say whatever’s on her mind is also kind of what has fans obsessed. So, it should come as no surprise that when asked a pretty common question by Giuliana Rancic during an interview on the Grammys red carpet, Cardi gave a totally uncommon answer. Since it was Cardi’s first-ever Grammys, Giuliana wanted to know if she was nervous. Cardi said she had butterflies! But it is where she had butterflies that has caught everyone’s attention. She said to Giuliana, “Butterflies… in my stomach and my vagina!” You honestly can’t beat that answer if you tried.

Blue Ivy straight up told her parents to stop clapping

We’ve all had that moment where our parents totally embarrassed us. What they were doing might not have been that bad, but at the time, we could feel our cheeks heating up. It looks like that happens to just about everyone, even the children of megastars! Blue Ivy Carter had to tell her own parents to chill out at the Grammys. Blue is no stranger to red carpets and awards shows, and her famous parents have included her in many big events over the years.
But it seems that Blue felt that Bey and Jay were getting a little too rowdy at the Grammys! In the most GIF’d moment of the night, Blue was caught on camera telling her parents to stop clapping. She put her little hand up and basically told them to shush! Even though Jay-Z and Beyoncé are arguably the most famous musicians in the world, they listened to their 6-year-old daughter and stopped clapping so loud!

Chrissy Teigen confirmed she’s having a baby boy

Chrissy Teigen always looks flawless on the red carpet and last night was no exception! In a sparkly silver gown by Yanina Couture, Chrissy looked like an award herself. Just a few short months ago, Chrissy revealed on Instagram that she and hubby John Legend were expecting their second child together. Their daughter, Luna Simone Stephens, was born in April 2016 and seems excited to be a big sister! In a similar fashion to how she revealed she was pregnant again, Chrissy took to social media for the gender reveal of their second child. It is a boy! She shared the above photo of her, with the simple caption, “Mama and her baby boy.” We couldn’t be happier for this growing family, congrats!

Big Winners of the night: Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Kendrick Lamar

Ed Sheeran won two Grammy Awards last night, but he wasn’t even in the building to collect them. The British singer won Best Pop Solo Performance for his smash hit, “Shape of You” and Best Pop Vocal Album for Divide.

Ed Sheeran wins Grammy on song about objectifying woman’s body over @kesharose song about surfing the effects of objectifying women. Am I only 1 who finds this ironic? @kesha way more creative, passionate, honest, powerful. #Grammy #fail

— BZ (@BoogieZee) January 29, 2018

His two wins were met with a bit of heat on Twitter, as many felt that he shouldn’t have won over Lady Gaga or Kesha, and especially considering he was the only male nominee for Best Pop Solo Performance. In fact, the Grammys as a whole were called out massively on Twitter for being sexist considering the only woman to accept an award on-screen last night was Alessia Cara for Best New Artist.
On the other hand, Bruno Mars had an all-around amazing night, including a great performance with Cardi B and winning every award he was nominated for. Bruno walked home with six Grammys last night, including Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and Record of the Year.
Kendrick Lamar almost had as good of a night as Bruno did. Kendrick’s opening performance is one of the most talked about moments of the night. The politically-charged performance of “XXX” was met with a standing ovation by the audience before Kendrick took home four Grammy awards that evening, including Best Rap Song and Best Music Video for his song “Humble.”

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