The Bachelorette Star Becca Kufrin & Winner Garrett Yrigoyen Address His Instagram Scandal

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Another season of The Bachelorette has come to an end and this one was as dramatic as expected. On Monday night’s season finale of the hit reality show, fans watched as Becca Kufrin broke Blake Horstmann‘s heart in order to follow her own. But even though Garrett Yrigoyen won over Becca, he still has yet to win over the hearts of Bachelor Nation following his Instagram scandal.

You see, Garrett got off to a very bad start with fans after it came out that he liked homophobic and racist posts on IG back in May. He issued a statement shortly after this troubling scandal broke, apologizing to those he offended. He took full responsibility for this actions and said that moving forward, he’d be more “aware” of what he’s liking and supporting. The backlash eventually subsided, but now that he’s been crowned the winner of The Bachelorette, fans want answers – especially considering Becca’s always seemed pretty progressive.

He opened up about the scandal once again, telling People that it was hard to watch so many label him as a bigot. “It was tough,” he said, “I didn’t mean to offend anyone.”

Garrett went on to reiterate that just because he double-tapped a certain post, doesn’t necessarily mean that he supports it. “I was raised in a very open-minded family that was accepting to everybody,” he continued. “We’re very non-judgmental. I’m genuinely sincere.”

His words may sound sincere, but as you might expect, fans think Becca has made a mistake in choosing him. However, she was quick to defend her fiancé, telling the magazine that all the terrible things people have been saying about Garrett are not who he truly is.

“At his core, he’s a good guy. We’ve all made mistakes and done things that aren’t perfect,” Becca explained. “But all I could ask for is somebody who owns up to what they’ve done and who apologizes and wants to grow. And that’s what he’s done.”

During After the Final Rose, Garrett even admitted he was afraid he was going to lose Becca over the situation. “I was really worried, but I feel like she knew who I was as a person and that I didn’t stand behind those likes and that I was a better person than I was presenting on my social media. She believed in that and, like I said, I’m sorry. She knows I didn’t mean to hurt or offend anybody,” Garrett explained, adding that the scandal made them stronger as a couple.

Becca later said she never considered leaving Garrett just because of his IG likes, but revealed that they had conversations about it after the story made headlines. She confirmed that she does not condone anything he liked, but that they’re looking to move past all the drama.

As people in the public eye, both Becca and Garrett need to understand that an action as small as a double tap will affect how people perceive you… and sometimes an apology just doesn’t cut it.

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