The Bachelorette Airs a Bachelor in Paradise Sneak Peek Tonight & It’s Just as Offensive As You Thought

Well friends, another season of The Bachelorette has come to a close and it’s safe to say that Rachel Lindsay probably chose the wrong guy — and if the way she treated runner-up, Peter Kraus during their After the Final Rose discussion didn’t piss you off enough, then the show airing a Bachelor in Paradise sneak peek where host, Chris Harrison, playfully teases viewers with promises of seeing what happened “right before” a scenario where production was halted on allegations of sexual assault may have just set you over the edge.
For one, Warner Bros. and ABC‘s decision to capitalize off of the possible sexual assault of a contestant is wholeheartedly disrespectful — especially in the manner in which they choose to confront the story that we all have read so much about. After showing Corinne Olympios “lure” DeMario Jackson into the much-discussed pool for a hookup, and then chat casually with gal pals, the show abruptly shuts down — which is portrayed as an inconvenience for other contestants who were clearly ~there for the right reasons~ (unlike the “evil” Corinne).
The show opted for an overly-dramatic and over-the-top rendition of events — the same treatment a villain who was sent home during the group date but can’t take no for an answer and shows up during the cocktail party would receive. But this isn’t about roses and TV time, this is about sexual assault and misconduct — which is a growing issue in our nation and all over the world.
While it’s true that Warner Bros. as a corporate entity completed an investigation that cleared their own company of any wrongdoing (huge shocker there), and Corinne, who was the victim in said-scenario also dropped charges, it can’t be ignored that making light of any sexual assault scandal makes light of all sexual assault scandals and to do such is deplorable.
Let’s not be mistaken: ABC has a history of putting their contestants in danger. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Despite more recent reports from current Bachelor in Paradise contestants who are still trying to have their fun no matter who it hurts, several past contestants have spoken out that producers encourage over-drinking. Josh Murray was accused of domestic violence from The Bachelorette who picked him during her own season, Andi Dorfman, but he was still brought back for Bachelor in Paradise season 3, where he proposed to Amanda Stanton — who then basically corroborated Andi’s words when she and Josh ultimately split. Chad Johnson was brought on for Bachelor in Paradise season 3 after showing misogynistic and aggressive traits, got kicked off that season for a violent outburst and then was asked to come back again for season 4. Because, hey, drama means money and who cares if it could possibly result in the injury of a castmate? Let’s also not forget that Chris Soules, who recently allegedly killed someone in a drunken hit-and-run accident, had a criminal record prior to entering Bachelor Nation — including what Iowa calls “Operating While Intoxicated” (basically a DUI) in 2005, a charge for leaving the scene of an accident in 2002, and two other alcohol-related incidents. But “if it bleeds it leads,” so danger for contestants just might be part of your contract when you sign up for any show within the Bachelor franchise.
But the execs behind Bachelor Nation didn’t aim at only offending people who are anti-sexual assault and anti-rape culture. They also wanted to be sure to add in a couple other tidbits, just to make sure everyone was on the same page that this show is absolute trash. They show a “sexy” kiss between Raven Gates and another female contestant whose face is hardly seen (because the over-sexualization of women, and girl-on-girl kisses, in particular, isn’t so overdone by now). They also frequently utilize the “angry/crazy black woman” in their treatment of Jasmine Goode, despite the fact that she publicly stood with producers during the Bachelor in Paradise scandal. Sure, Rachel being the first black Bachelorette, the show still has a long way to go when it comes to confronting their own racism. They not only cast but recruited Lee on her season, and many fans feel fairly certain they knew about his history of racist and sexist tweets prior to reaching out to him for added drama on the “most diverse season of The Bachelorette ever.”
So for those of you who were wondering — yes, the Bachelor in Paradise sneak peek on tonight’s The Bachelorette finale was just as offensive in every way as it could’ve been. What more could you expect from “Paradise”? And in an effort of full disclose, yes, I’ll still be tuning in on August 14 to watch the BiP premiere. Why? Because in this sea of disgusting B.S., Dean Unglert and Diggy Moreland (who, FYI, is a proud feminist) are still looking for love and I want to be there to watch them find it.

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