Ryan Reynolds Reveals The First Snarky Teaser Trailer For Deadpool 2

Who else here is absolutely obsessed with Ryan Reynolds? Not only is the man beautiful, but he’s funny, a loving father, and he’s married to one of the greatest Gossip Girls in the world, Blake Lively. Whenever Ryan gets a chance, he always can make his fans laugh. Sure enough, he’s done it again! The first teaser trailer for Deadpool 2 is here and Ryan revealed it in all of his glory. The star shared the trailer for this funky superhero movie on his personal Instagram and boy is it something.

In the teaser trailer, Deadpool has gone full-on Bob Ross. He’s got his easel, he’s got his paint, and he’s ready to teach us about “wet on wet” painting style. In classic Deadpool fashion, he makes things raunchy when they really shouldn’t be. There is a bit of cursing, many lewd comments, but as always, it is hilarious. When he drops the easel, there is technical difficulty error and we get a real few first glimpses of Deadpool 2. Don’t worry, it looks just as action-packed as the first movie was. Not too much has been revealed about the film’s plot other than the new characters and that it is “the further adventures of wisecracking mercenary Deadpool.”

Deadpool 2 follows the massive success of the original film, which made major waves when it first released. It became the highest-grossing R-rated superhero film and inspired other films to mimic that darker style like Logan did in 2017. This film looks like it will be even better than the original, which is hard to beat. All of the principal characters (minus Francis) from the first movie will return and we’ll get to see Josh Brolin‘s Cable and Zazie Beetz‘s Domino. Deadpool 2 is set to release June 1, 2018.

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