P!nk’s New Music Video For “Beautiful Trauma” Stars Channing Tatum & It’s Amazing

If you loved seeing P!nk scale a building at the 2017 American Music Awards last Sunday, you’re going to love this. On Tuesday, the singer released her music video for “Beautiful Trauma.” And not only did it absolutely exceed her fans’ expectations, but it also involves a certain guest star many are going to freak out over: Channing Tatum.

Despite the fact that “Beautiful Trauma” is the same song that P!nk performed at the awards, the music video is nothing like what she pulled off on live television over the weekend. This time, P!nk and Channing are playing a married couple in the ’50s, sleeping side-by-side in different beds. The lyrics are about an intense and destructive relationship, and the characters they’re playing couldn’t fit the bill more perfectly. On the surface, they seem perfect, but is anything ever really perfect? (Spoiler alert: no.)

The video is, in every way, exactly what you’d expect from the “So What” singer… but it’s impossible to do it justice using only words, so you definitely have to watch this one for yourself. Warning: as insane as it is, it might just end up becoming your new favorite music video.

At first, P!nk and Channing seem like the ideal couple until you start to see the cracks in the surface. The songstress burns dinner and accidentally irons a hole in her husband’s shirt, all the while Channing can be seen dumping his flask into his morning coffee. Before you know it, P!nk opens up her kitchen cabinet to reveal a ridiculously huge stash of pills, which she’s taking by the handful. It’s slowly revealed that this couple is far from what the world thinks they should be, but they love each other in spite of that… even if their relationship is a little unhealthy.

It’s hard to tell what the best part of this video is. It could be the perfectly choreographed dance that the Magic Mike actor and P!nk do in the kitchen, or maybe it’s the gorgeous set they filmed on or the really cute montage at the end as the credits roll. Either way, this video is a strange mix of dark and hilarious. Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to see Channing Tatum in a dress and lipstick (and haven’t we all?), this video will certainly fill that need.

…And just in case you want to relive that AMAs performance one more time, here it is. Seriously, is there anything this woman can’t do?

After seeing this video, we’re convinced: P!nk is the next musician who needs to release a visual album. Could you imagine an entire tracklist of videos like this one?

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