Paris Hilton Slams Lindsay Lohan’s New Reality Show: “I Don’t Forgive”

paris hilton lindsay lohan

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Who needs a Mean Girls sequel when we have Paris Hilton? Every so often, the former reality star makes us feel like we hopped into a time machine and literally traveled to the early ’00s and the latest example involves her expertly shading Lindsay Lohan. In case you didn’t know, the Parent Trap actress is about to dive into the reality TV world with new MTV show. However, it’s safe to say Paris – Lindsay’s former BFF and longtime rival – will NOT be tuning in.

TMZ reporters asked Paris if she’ll watch the show when they caught up with her and fiancé Chris Zylka at LAX airport. Chris quickly said “negative” while Paris gave the most ~Paris~ answer ever, responding “we’re a little too busy, we have better things to do.”

The reporter then asked Paris if she has any advice for Lindsay having had mass success with her own reality show The Simple Life with Nicole Richie in the aughts. “There’s nothing like the original, nothing like the OG,” she responded. When the pap insisted on getting a tip to relay to Lindsay, Chris savagely responded, “Stop,” as Paris snickered in the background. She then added, “if somebody messes with my family, I don’t forgive.” YIKES.

Paris is likely referring to her brother, Barron Hilton II, getting into a fight at a 2013 party, an attack Lindsay allegedly coordinated.

Poor Linds. Her new reality show hasn’t even started yet and it’s already getting dragged. Paris doesn’t seem to care either because this is the third time she’s publicly slammed Lindsay in the last few weeks! But, her “I don’t forgive” remark might explain why Paris reignited their 2006 feud in the first place. After calling her a “pathological liar” on Instagram in July, she added fuel to the fire by following up with a second comment, clarifying that she was just stating a “fact of life.”

Lindsay never responded to Paris’s shade, but it seems like she’s unbothered by her past nemesis. She’s too busy focusing on her new projects and new life in Greece. On Monday, July 30, MTV dropped the first trailer for Lindsay’s forthcoming project, Lohan Beach Club (the show’s working title).

The series will follow the 32-year-old now-entrepreneur as she embarks upon business ventures in Greece. This will actually be the actress’s first time returning to reality TV since her eight-part miniseries, Lindsay, which aired on Oprah Winfrey‘s OWN in 2014.

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