Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone Compete in a Disgusting Food Challenge for Stephen Colbert

Melissa McCarthy Ben Falcone Smooshed Stephen Colbert 2016

Last night on The Late Show, Melissa McCarthy channeled her Gilmore Girls character Sookie St. James by doing a bit of cooking. I must say, though, I don’t know if Sookie would be particularly proud of her, since the dish she came up with didn’t exactly look appetizing. It was all part of a fake cooking competition called Smooshed, a spoof of Chopped on the Food Network. Melissa and her husband Ben Falcone, who were on the show to promote their new movie The Boss, were challenged to create dishes in under one minute using the provided ingredients, to be judged by host Stephen Colbert.

I’m not sure how they could have made anything that wasn’t disgusting, considering the ingredients they were provided — saltine crackers, marshmallows and bacon bits, plus some extra items from the break room fridge. Ben wins for presentation with his very classy-looking saltine sandwiches. Melissa, on the other hand, didn’t have much time to plate her “rustic hash,” so she just grabbed a handful and threw it down. That doesn’t exactly make the whole thing any more appetizing. The audience actually chants “EAT IT!” like they’re at a sleepover playing truth or dare.

Stephen’s reaction says it all:

“My bouche is more than amused. My bouche is infuriated at this point. It’s shocked. It’s chagrined and somewhat humiliated.”

When it comes time to choose a winner, Stephen makes some weird decisions. Perhaps the combination of bologna and peanut butter messed with his head. He declares Melissa to be the winner but “smooshes” her plate instead of Ben’s. So who did he really want to win? Did he forget who made what or just smoosh the wrong one? We may never know, but the winner gets a donation for the charity of their choice, so it’s all good. Well, except the food.

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