Mac Miller Fans Slam Outlets Calling Him “Ariana Grande’s Ex”

As previously reported, rapper Mac Miller tragically died from an apparent overdose earlier today at the age of 26. While fans, friends, and family alike try to grapple with the news, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Mac had a lot of accomplishments, and shouldn’t be remembered as “Ariana Grande‘s ex.” Unfortunately, some publications didn’t get the memo.

Fans were livid when a report by tweeted the headline, “Mac Miller Dead: Ariana Grande ex-boyfriend reportedly dead.” Anger may be one of the five stages of grieving, but in this case, it’s totally understandable.

Mac Miller died, that’s absolutely awful. But what kind of BULL SHIT is this? He was much more than Ariana Grande’s ex. Smh.

— your favorite leafy green ✨ (@hysteriKALE) September 7, 2018

Listen man I’m not going to act like I’m a huge Mac Miller fan or anything but how are you gonna headline the story “Ariana Grande ex-boyfriend”. The guy had a lot going for him. Really sad to see another artist go.

— Dante Falcioni (@dantefalch) September 7, 2018

Mac Miller was more than just Ariana Grande’s ex. He was a true artist who put his pain/passion into his music. His fans around the world felt every word he rapped

— Nicole Perez (@nicole_perez1) September 7, 2018

“Ariana Grande’s ex-boyfriend”. He’s Mac miller, the rapper, Mac miller. Not Ariana’s ex. He’s Mac. Stop being disrespectful.

— jjong love bot 🥨 (@beccbizzl) September 7, 2018

It’s only natural that people would be interested to see how Ariana Grande is feeling about the news since the two were together so recently and she was very vocal that she “prayed for his balance for years,” but defining his whole life based on one two-year relationship is frankly, pretty f*cked up and we’re not afraid to say it. Hopefully some people can learn from this experience and learn who Mac Miller really was during his 26-year life cut off way too soon.

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