J.K. Rowling Shares Her Rejection Letters from Book Publishers, Continues to Be Inspiring As Hell

If you aren’t following J.K. Rowling on Twitter, first off reevaluate all your life choices then know that if you don’t follow her you’re missing out on some A+ inspirational chats. The Harry Potter author gave a life lesson in not giving up today sharing the rejection letters she received for her mystery novel The Cuckoo’s Calling that she wrote under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. After another author tweeted about her own struggle with getting published, J.K responded writing, “I pinned my 1st rejection letter to my kitchen wall because it gave me something in common with all my fave writers!” As more fans tweeted at J.K. about her rejection letters, she shared more thoughts on the whole process. After being asked if she ever felt like giving up, J.K. replied “I wasn’t going to give up until every single publisher turned me down, but I often feared that would happen.”

She then shared two of the rejection letters she received from publishers when they believed they were just passing on some guy named Robert Galbraith, not one of the best-selling authors of all time.

By popular request, 2 of @RGalbrath‘s rejection letters! (For inspiration, not revenge, so I’ve removed signatures.) pic.twitter.com/vVoc0x6r8W— J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) March 25, 2016

Deciding not to stop the encouragement train there, J.K. answered one more fan who asked “how do I get the courage to risk it all for the things that I love when I don’t have enough of a support system if all fails?” The author, in full Dumbledore mode, wrote back saying, “I had nothing to lose and sometimes that makes you brave enough to try.” J.K. and your Pinterest board-worthy inspirational quotes, never leave us. Ever.

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