In Honor Of Mae Whitman’s Birthday, An Arrested Development Gallery Of Ann Veal…Her?

Happy birthday to Mae Whitman who played Ann Veal on Arrested Development! And who will hopefully return for this rumored movie that may never happen but oh my god I hope it does. I hope to god that by now every awesome person on the planet has seen Arrested Development, but I know that’s actually not the case, so here’s a quick rundown of who this lady is.

On the show, Jason Bateman plays Michael, who’s the main character in the extremely effed up Bluth Family, and who tries to hold everything together. His son is George Michael, played by Michael Cera, who dates Ann Veal, played by our birthday girl. The joke on the show is that Ann is so bland and forgettable that Michael can never remember meeting her, even when she’s already in the house. Throughout the show, he accidentally refers to her as ‘Plain’, ‘Egg’, ‘Plant’, ‘Annabel’, ‘Yam’, and ‘Ann Hog’. And of course he thinks she’s not good enough for his son George Michael, so the classic Ann line of the show is, “…her?”

It’s hard to explain, okay?! But it’s really funny, and you should watch it if you’re an awesome person who likes awesome things. And also Mae is super great on it, so click through our gallery and send her happy birthday thoughts! And maybe a mayonegg or two.

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