Getting Through Your Work Day, As Told By Kardashian GIFs

Newsflash: Work can be absolutely dreadful at times. But, it can also be pretty bearable if you have the right work wife and boss. Either way, you’ll be forced to deal with last-minute tasks, annoyingly long meetings, an insane amount of emails, and often find yourself staring at your office crush instead of getting your work done. It’s just a fact of life.

Luckily, when these problems arise, we have the always-fabulous and relatable (well, aside from the multimillion dollars, mansions, fancy cars, etc.) Kardashian ladies and their RBFs, eye-rolls, and passive-aggressive clap-backs. Here’s an average workday as told by Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian.

When your boss throws work at you right when you walk in

As you stroll in with your venti Starbucks order and sunglasses to hide your dark circles, you try running straight to your desk so nobody can passive-aggressively ask you, “what did you do last night?!” Plot twist: Your boss is totally ready to get straight to work and is already overloading you with assignments to do by EOD. You got this, promise.

When you’re in a staff meeting and somebody says something stupid

Not today, Timothy. You’re already short-tempered when it comes to staff meetings because literally everything that’s said can be compressed and sent out in email form, so when people ask multiple questions that can easily be answered by common sense or just listening, you have to bite your tongue in a major way. Just keep calm, keep Slacking your coworkers about how many other things you’d rather be doing, and keep refilling that coffee.

When you’re literally ready to nap at your desk but have piles of work to do

Fresh off of your meeting, all you want to do is decompress and shut your eyes (the dream, right?). Instead, you have a ton of work to do, proposals to write, emails to answer and what have you. You debate sneaking off to the bathroom and “napping” in the stall before going back to the chaos that is your desk right now. Deep breaths…

When your chatty co-worker tries to butt into your conversation again

It’s hard to pretend to keep calm when Janet keeps butting into your conversations over and over again, but a part of you feels bad for her since she’s really just trying to stay ~hip~ and ~up to date~ with the latest trends to impress her teenager kids. After all, she means well, right? As you smile and nod at her on the outside, you’re ready to bust on the inside. Like, trust me, girl, you do NOT want all the details of this weekend’s shenanigans. You can’t handle it.

When your boss keeps nagging you on things you know nothing about

You think back in your mind to see if you remember learning anything about what she’s asking but have no idea what she’s even talking about. You find yourself browsing through your sticky notes and notebook, but can’t seem to find any evidence you should know WTF is going on. But, since you know you can do anything, you work up the courage to actually ask her for some more “specifics,” amidst frustration and chaos in your brain.

When you mess up on a task and need to pretend to care

After six hours of straight working with no lunch or bathroom break, you’re getting hangry. All that’s separating you from that new pizza place down the block is this one spreadsheet, and you’re determined to complete it quickly. You’re almost off the hook until your boss hunts you down at your desk and points out a teeny tiny mistake you made on that thing you just sent her. Whatever, you’ll fix it after lunch. Pizza>spreadsheets, always.

When you realize you’re definitely staying late tonight

Although you hate being bombarded with random assignments and emails, you realize you need more hours in the day to get what you need to get done. At some point, you’re just going to have to relinquish the stress that comes in with squeezing in everything into an 8-hour work day, and just decide you’re going to knock some stuff out after-hours. You love your career and really do want to succeed – so if that means burning the midnight oil in an empty office, you’ll do it. It’s a good thing you didn’t make any after-work plans tonight – or ever.

When you know your boss would not be able to survive without you

Although you get overwhelmed sometimes, nobody can deny that you get sh*t done. You’re dedicated to ensuring your office is running smoothly, and take your responsibilities seriously (enought) as a professional. You’re confident in that you do your work to the best of your ability, and you deserve to take that break when you need to so that your work can be as efficient as possible. What’s she gonna do?! Fire you for getting a coffee? Most likely not.

When you and your work wife start gossiping about ~office drama~

Work wives/husbands are essential to ensuring your mental wellbeing at the office. You two are peas in a pod and everyone knows it. You rely on each other for Starbucks breaks in the afternoon, gossiping sessions between tasks, and of course, happy hours post-work. Chatting with your work wife brings you joy, laughter, and sanity. So when she tells you that Derek from accounting totally freaked over the new boss moving his seat, you were ALL EARS.

When you’ve worked 50+ hours so far this week and have no time for any socializing

Although you and your work wife have fun while in office, you know once you clock out, you’re way too overworked and exhausted (excluding happy hour, ofc) to actually chill OOO. Once you walk back into your apartment/house/etc, you embrace the old lady you are deep down and get ready for bed – STAT. Some nights, you even ditch the Netflix in favor of some more zzz’s to get you through the rest of the week.

When you realize you get way too invested in your job

You do complain a lot, but you can’t say you don’t love it (sans the long work days, minimal recognition, and no three-day weekends like college). You’re a hard-worker, and once you start something you have to complete it in due time. You wouldn’t trade your job for the world and are #blessed with (almost) all those amazing coworkers, so cheers to that. On the other hand, you bail on plans because you’re “stressed about work” and find yourself using catch-up time with your IRL BFF to complain about work.

When you’re almost done for the day and then you get a last minute email

As you get ready to leave, you go onto your computer one last time to log off: Until you see that ‘urgent’ in the subject line of the email as your stomach churns. You know if you don’t do it now, you’re going to feel guilty AND have extra work tomorrow, so you sacrifice an extra half hour or so and feel super proud of yourself. Or you roll the dice and leave the email until tomorrow. Hey – it got in at 6:02… you were gone already!

When you’re working late

You end up missing happy hour and TGIT because you’re stuck at the office. You feel the FOMO kicking in as you scroll through Insta and Snapchat and see everyone and their mother hanging out, relaxing, and having fun. You pull it together and try and finish up ASAP and catch an Uber to your friend’s before Scandal starts. Fingers crossed!

When it’s *FINALLY* time to clock out for the day

Fine, we had to include ONE from our girl Kris Jenner because we feel this so hard. This has been the moment you’ve been waiting for since your alarm went off this morning. After a long day of sitting hunched over a computer at your desk, typing, and slurping coffee, it’s now time to leave (until 16 hours from now and you’re back in the same seat). But, as excited as you are, you’re too exhausted to even muster up a good ‘hip-hip-hooray’ at the prospect of going home, taking off your bra, and man-spreading across your sofa as you watch The Bachelor.

When you clock out before a holiday weekend

You feel like you’re back at college and ~living it up~ with long weekends, except instead of partying every night, you find yourself eating dinner by 6:00 and in bed for the night by 7, and squeezing in your friends and family around that time. You had so much TV to catch up on! Cherish and savor your long weekends, because they’re rare AF.

…And when your mom asks you exactly what you do for a career

How do you explain to your mom that you’re an [insert any millennial job]? You’re just better off being vague as possible and using simple terms she’ll understand… or better yet, just tell her you’re genuinely unsure (which, hey, you might be, because who even knows?).

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