Demi Lovato’s Favorite Dish Is a Mug Because It Makes Your Hand Feel Comfortable

Live interviews, whether on TV or the radio, tend to bring the LOLs, because unlike something in print or online, you can’t edit quickly or easily edit a person’s answers to sound better or even make coherent sense.

Demi Lovato, surely no stranger to these kinds of interviews, was asked by a radio host in Berlin a series of pretty basic questions to “get to know her a little better” (her favorite artist? Kelly Clarkson. Favorite Movie? Mean Girls.) and things got a little.. odd.. when the host asked her favorite dish. Most people would have responses like “mac and cheese” or “a burger and fries” (or perhaps, being in Germany, some “spätzle” would suffice) but Demi didn’t skip a beat and answered the question like this:

I like mugs, because they’re very comfortable in your hand and they hold hot things that you don’t have to touch. So, you know, coffee or hot tea.

LOL, what?

To her credit, Demi did give the camera a very knowing glance and smile immediately after she answered, and she also admitted she’d been in three European countries in a short time frame and would be in Berlin for barely 24 hours. And that many times, she’ll wake up and have no idea where she is and have to check the hotel notepad hoping it says the city name on it. (Girl, I feel you on this. Half the time I wake up in my own bed and forget where I am!) But, you know, being on the radio, it should be assumed that the audience wouldn’t actually SEE that smirk.

Of course, this mug debacle caused a riot on the Interwebz by people claiming Demi is “stupid” or “easily confused” and started what we’re now going to call “dishgate” (just kidding.. hopefully..) and Demi responded in a tweet:

Well, okay then. I do have to agree with Demi on this one. Who DOESN’T love mugs? We all have our go-to mug (mine says “Hello Sunshine!” on it and it never ceases to make me smile) and it’s certainly more of an interesting answer than the question lent itself to.. but also.. I still sort of don’t get her sense of humor. If she had responded right after the joke with her actual favorite dish, maybe it would’ve come across better, but I guess the world will never know. For now, at least the people in Demi’s life know what they can get her for Christmas.. and it’s NOT a cutlery set!

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