Chrissy Teigen Just Traded A Pair Of John Legend’s Underwear For 5 Ripe Bananas

Chrissy Teigen‘s title as Queen of Twitter has already been well-documented. She’s publicized her spray tan disasters, stretch marks and her efforts to Photoshop hubby, John Legend into a One Direction photo on social media and it doesn’t look like she’ll be stopping any time soon.

We already know she’s funny as hell but perhaps today’s tweet-storm trying to find the perfect bunch of bananas for her banana bread recipe takes the *cake* for her most hilarious social media moment yet.

After getting fed up with “banana browning hack” suggestions from fans when Chrissy Teigen announced she was missing the key ingredient for her current baking project, the model decided to crowdsource her grocery needs.

if u have 6 BROWN bananas in the LA area, I will send my assistant to your home with a signed cookbook, John’s underwear and a Becca palette

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) September 21, 2017

Quite honestly, there’s a good chance that the John Legend underwear was the selling point. Sure, the Glow Face BECCA palette and signed cookbook sound pretty cool — but I’m not sure I’d give up my bananas without the promise of undergarments from the 10-time Grammy Award winner.

Sure enough, the mother-of-one got hordes of submissions — many of whom were only able to offer two or three browning bananas — making the lucky winner Meg Zukin, an L.A. inhabitant who “lives near the grove” and offered to meet Chrissy’s assistant in the area with her five ripe ‘nanas. (Seriously, no one in L.A. had six bananas to spare?!)

just for safety, my assistant asks that u taste a small piece of the banana in front of her before making the trade

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) September 21, 2017

the deal has been done. thank you, @bymeg!!!!

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) September 21, 2017

Zoom in to peep those Calvins. Just kidding. Obviously, Meg gave us an even closer look on her personal Twitter account.

so…. should I frame the underwear or what? @chrissyteigen

— Meg Zukin (@bymeg) September 21, 2017

What I wouldn’t give for that exact pair of Calvin Kleins…

Don’t be sad, though, L.A. residents who missed the chance to offer the 31-year-old model the food going bad in your kitchen — it certainly seems like Chrissy Teigen will be doing this again in the future.

already home. that was…so fast. I will now do all grocery shopping like this

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) September 21, 2017

Cute pups! (But we really do need to know what’s up with the costume.)

To sum up:

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) September 21, 2017

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