Cardi B Confirms She’s Pregnant & Explains Why She Kept it Hidden for So Long

The cat baby is finally out of the bag! After months and months of speculation, Cardi B finally confirmed that she is – in fact – expecting her first child with fiancé Offset. The rapper, who just dropped her debut album Invasion of Privacy, announced her pregnancy during her musical performance on Saturday Night Live. In the middle of one of her newest tracks, “Be Careful,” the camera panned out on Cardi in a tight-fitting white dress, showing an unmistakable baby bump.

In an Instagram video taken shortly after her performance, the 25-year-old can be seen backstage celebrating her big reveal with her hands in the air. “I’m finally free!” she exclaimed.

After the performance, Offset also tweeted a photo of the couple. “Cardi and I look forward to our next chapter together,” he wrote. Cardi later re-posted a photo that Rihanna shared on her Instagram story, in which she gave Cardi a shout out: “baby Bardi x bomb a** album! congrats sis!”

“The love I’m receiving is overwhelming😩! I can’t thank you enough for always finding the time to share your support!! Thank you a million times @badgalriri,” Cardi wrote alongside the image.

Rumors of her pregnancy have been swirling for a little while now, but Cardi never confirmed, which makes her the latest star to try to reveal her pregnancy on her own terms (Kylie Jenner hid her pregnancy from the world until after the child had been born). Following her SNL performance, Cardi explained why she kept her pregnancy a secret for so long.

“This is why I did not wanted to say nothing,” she wrote on her Instagram Story, according to Entertainment Tonight. However, the post has since been deleted. “People be so thirsty to scrutinize and try to destroy something that [is] suppose to be a blessing.”

Unfortunately, there are people who are commenting on the fact that Cardi is pregnant with Offset’s baby – a man who has been accused of cheating multiple times. But whether that is true or not, it’s her life and who she decided to have a baby with is none of anyone’s business.

Late last week, Cardi also addressed her struggle to keep some aspects of her life private in a interview with with Ebro Darden for Apple Music’s Beats 1.

“I have been so open to people about myself,” she said. “People cannot expect me to be open about everything. Certain things to me, it has to be private. You cannot invade my privacy. I’m not a damn animal at the zoo that you could just see everything. No! People just will find out more. If it arrives and if it don’t arrive, then you gonna know what the f*ck is goin’ on.”

That makes total sense. Congrats to Cardi! That’s gonna be one cool baby.

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