Camila Mendes Claps Back At Fan Who Said She’s Glorifying Being A Sugar Baby

Just one day after her apparent relationship with Riverdale costar Charles Melton made headlines, Camila Mendes is making headlines for a totally different reason. You see, the trailer for her upcoming movie The New Romantic dropped on Wednesday and in it, we see Cami and Jessica Barden navigating the perks – and complications – of being a sugar baby.

During the trailer, Cami says in no uncertain terms, “I’ve made 67 thousand dollars in gifts. Am I a prostitute? No. A gold digger? Maybe.”

With the backdrop of uplifting indie music playing in the background, Jessica’s character says, “Wealthy older people supporting struggling young ones is nothing revolutionary. Maybe relationships aren’t supposed to be for love, but for survival… a mutually beneficial relationship. I was a sugar baby.”

You can check out the trailer here:

All things considered, it looks like your standard coming-of-age romantic comedy with a twist – not much different from May-December love story Call Me By Your Name. However, not everyone who checked out the Riverdale stars’ new movie (Hayley Law appears as well) thought the story was as ~cute~ as the trailer looks. In fact, one Twitter user called Camila out for glorifying these types of relationships and even equated it to human trafficking!

“Shame @CamilaMendes for supporting a film that glorifies & PROMOTES the life of sugarbabies. [sic] This, like human trafficking, doesn’t help anyone,” she wrote. “You want young girls to copy this behavior? To see asking older men for material objects as fun? It’s dangerous.”

But Camila wasn’t having it with someone judging a book (or movie) by its cover (or trailer), and wanted to make it known that she’s not condoning these romances. “You don’t even know how the story ends so why don’t you watch the film first and then tell me it’s ‘glorifying’ the life of sugar babies,” she retorted.

hi hello you don’t even know how the story ends so why don’t you watch the film first and then tell me it’s “glorifying” the life of sugar babies

— Camila Mendes (@CamilaMendes) September 21, 2018

Considering how many movies there are out there already, filmmakers need a new angle to your typical plot to give it an edge – and attract viewers. It’s undeniable that the life of sugar babies and the temptation to be one is something that many young women are talking about today – and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. As Camila stated, we can’t really judge or take away a “moral of the story” until we’ve seen it as a whole after it comes out on November 13.

Aside from the ladies of Riverdale, you’ll recognize Jessica from the Netflix show End of the F****** World and her seeming love interest Brett Dier from another CW show – Jane the Virgin. With a boss cast like that one, it’s hard to believe the flick is as f&^%ed up as some Twitter users want to believe it is.

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