Bella Thorne Fires Back After Critics Accuse Her Of Ripping Off Another Beauty Brand

The latest celebrity to venture into the world of cosmetics is Bella Thorne, who just revealed her new brand, Filthy Fangs. Over the weekend, the former Disney star launched the new makeup line by releasing two eyeshadow palettes. Everything seemed to be going fine – with her even noting that they “sold out in a day” and that there was more to come – until social media users began criticising her. In addition to the backlash about affordability (the palettes sell for $50 and $60 each), some called her out for straight-up copying another makeup brand named Juvia’s Place.

It turns out, Bella’s new palettes look exactly like theirs. Both brands feature the same brightly colored packaging and nine-pan palettes. Literally, the only difference is that Juvia’s Place has unique designs on its packaging and Bella’s palettes simply have a Filthy Fangs logo on it.

Now, fans have accused her of ripping them off with some people even posting tweets that show both palettes side-by-side. It’s hard not to agree that they look pretty identical.

So Bella Thorne has a makeup line that looks JUST like Juvia’s place for triple the cost… like straight ripped off. Colors and packaging look… I cannot.

— 90’s Baby 👶🏾👑 (@WhatsLDBupto) August 13, 2018

Following the controversy, Juvia’s Place owner Chichi Eburu responded to the backlash in a statement to Teen Vogue. She wrote, “We’ve seen the backlash and it’s uncomfortable to watch. Yes, there are some similarities across every spectrum but we need to keep pushing forward. It’s unacceptable, seems like Bella’s team members didn’t do enough research. Hopefully, they learn from this experience and move forward shining. We wish them the very best of luck.”

Bella has yet to respond to the statement, but she did answer them back on Twitter. In now-deleted tweets made by Juvia’s Place, Bella tweeted, “I betu we have the same manufacturer. im suppose to look up every pallet ever made? How dare some1 else have a purple that looks like mine;).”

She also retweeted an image of a palette made by Juvia’s Place, saying, “Honestly this one is dope if I were gonna copy one it’s this one ;).” Clearly, she’s not taking the drama very seriously, but it seems like some of the things people are saying have upset her.

Can’t women support women 🙁 sad.

— BITCHIMBELLATHORNE (@bellathorne) August 14, 2018

We can’t blame Bella for wanting to dip her toes in the beauty industry, especially since literally EVERYONE is doing it. Celebrity makeup brands have replaced celebrity perfume and even made Kylie Jenner a billionaire. In the last year and a half, stars like Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, and Jennifer Lopez have also jumped on the beauty bandwagon.

But Bella should have probably just done her homework. There’s nothing worse than copying another brand – and it’s clear that her and Juvia’s Place’s palettes resemble each other a lot…

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