19 Of Taylor Swift’s Best Street Style Looks

Taylor Swift doesn’t just have a song about “Style.” She has very good style herself. She continuously slays on the red carpet. Plus, she has a reputation for delivering some epic music video makeovers. And we cannot forget about her street style. Whether she is out shopping, leaving her apartment for a coffee run, or hanging out with members of her iconic squad, she always looks chic. You might already have a Pinterest board dedicated to Taylor’s best everyday lewks. If not, prepare to swoon over 19 of Taylor’s best street style looks so far.

Leaving Her Apartment, 2014

Work it, girl. If you weren’t convinced about blanket coats/ponchos, this gorgeous outfit from Taylor will probably make you want to run out and by five of the voluminous style. This is how you do cold-weather dressing. If we told you that Taylor was on the set of a music video or doing a photoshoot, you probably would have believed us.

Exiting Her New York Apartment, 2018

Mini skirts and crop tops are staples in the summer for many, but the way Taylor styles them makes us sit up and take notice. This outfit has a bit of sass and a pinch of athleisure thanks to the sports bra layered under the black lace T-shirt, teamed with the leopard mini skirt. Add in the round sunglasses, side braid and cute accessories and we have an outfit that we’re going to be copying.

Having Lunch With Selena Gomez, 2015

Taylor Swift in a body harness? It’s something that you might not have ever have expected, but she did it. What’s key is that she did it in a way that felt authentic to her. The “This Is My Fight Song” T-shirt, ankle boots, and mixed fabric Louis Vuitton bag are definitely on the edgier side of Taylor’s style, but they work with the body harness and work for her.

Outside the ELLE Style Awards, 2015

Everybody saw the dress Taylor wore under this coat during the red carpet at the ELLE Style Awards, but not everyone saw how chic she looked wrapped up in this cream coat. You almost wish that she wore the jacket into the awards. Topper or no topper, it was clear that Taylor deserved an invite to the fashionable awards ceremony based on this look alone.

Attending the Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2013 Show, 2012

A bit of rain isn’t going to cramp Taylor’s style, especially when she has a Paris Fashion Week show to attend. Many will likely remember the long blonde hair and red lipstick phase. In terms of the ensemble, she’s still got the feminine, romantic aesthetic. When a style works for you, why change it? This pale blue and dove gray combination is also sublime with her coloring.

Out In New York, 2014

Spring, summer, fall, winter. It doesn’t matter what season it is, Taylor will slay. This longline blue coat and beanie are one of the many times we salivated over her cold-weather fashion. The ensemble still has plenty of her chic, preppy style thanks to the light color and the black tights with coordinating heels. And she’s rarely without a roomy, structured tote when she’s off duty.

Shopping in Beverly Hills, 2016

Black is one of the few shades that features less in Taylor’s wardrobe. When she does wear it, she shows she can pull it off just as flawlessly as any other color. Here, she’s rocking the inky shade from head-to-toe with the dark crop top, skinny jeans, and boots. Even the sunglasses and bags tie in with the monochromatic look. We’ve got some visual interest from the embellishment on the top and from her red lipstick and nail polish.

Leaving Her New York City Apartment, 2015

One of the reasons Taylor consistently slays her street style looks is that she knows what works for her. For example, she knows that short hemlines and heels show off her killer legs. Just see this outfit for proof. The bright blue shoes against the white dress and tan bag is sooooo sophisticated. It’s a color combination to remember for spring and summer.

Out in New York, 2016

Denim jumpers aren’t just for kiddies. Just see how Taylor styled her jean shortalls. Does she look like a baby to you? Exactly. There’s a playful vibe about the outfit but it’s still very classic thanks to the red tank top, denim, and sneakers. Note the pattern on the shoes and how it ties in all of the colors of the outfit? It’s details like this that elevate an outfit. We would totally wear this to a music festival.

Going Out Of Her Apartment, 2016

Something that makes Taylor’s street style so appealing is that she never overdoes it. She manages to strike the right balance between looking put together and looking effortless. That’s not easy to do. This check top with skinny pants and loafers is an excellent example. It earns extra points because it’s something we could easily copy at a more affordable price point.

Walking With Tom Hiddleston At The Beach, 2016

Everyone remembers those beach photos of Tom Hiddleston and Taylor, but some might not remember her strolling-in-the-English-countryside-with-Tom outfit. That’s what this is. The singer looked stylish and appropriate for the activity. She also managed to work some classic English heritage pieces into her regular style. See the tall wellies and the quilted jacket. The headband, bag and colored jeans are still unmistakably Taylor.

Leaving Lunch, 2016

Hands up if you’re wondering how Taylor manages to make a T-shirt and cut-offs look interesting? She has a knack for making timeless, minimalist pieces look good. It might be the legs, it might be the way she carries them off, it could be her innate styling-down, or it could be a combination of all of the above. In this case, the bleached bob adds a bit more edge to the dark separates.

Arriving at BBC Radio 1 Studios, 2015

Some people credit Taylor for providing endless dress inspiration, but we also need to include coats in that. Tay knows a good coat when she sees one. This shimmering navy dress with the light coat is another sophisticated example. And check out those maroon heels. Many are likely going to copy this for their winter date night looks if they haven’t already.

Shopping At Isabel Marant, 2016

Taylor could have worn this stomping down the runway at Fashion Week and no one would have thought it was out of place. This is major. The platform boots aren’t something we were expecting, especially when she was already wearing black, but Taylor knows to switch her style up just enough to keep us guessing. The lewk has a Parisian air about it which makes sense since she was shopping at Isabel Marant.

Going Out In New York City, 2015

We should actually thank Taylor for helping to make crop tops and overalls as big trends as they are. Who knows what things would have been like if she didn’t champion them? Here, she shows that overalls can be grown-up and a little sexy with the flash of abs the sides of her overalls reveal courtesy of the crop top pairing.

Leaving a Restaurant with Gigi Hadid and Martha Hunt, 2015

There is a lot of style to discuss here between Taylor, Gigi Hadid and Martha Hunt, but this feature is all about Taylor Swift’s style so we will leave the others alone. On this occasion, the singer is demonstrating how a cropped blouse and floral flippy skirt can be brought into evening with a classic handbag, high heels and her signature red lipstick. Beautiful.

Leaving A Restaurant, 2015

Never mind whose hand Taylor is holding, we’re too focused on her outfit. The list has shown a few examples to demonstrate that blue is definitely Taylor’s color. This is another one. It also shows that the “Bad Blood” singer has never met a crop top and a coordinating flippy skirt that she didn’t like. The blush neutral accessories complement the pale blue brocade and would look as good in daytime as they do at night.

Leaving Dinner, 2016

Here’s another time that Taylor wore all black and knocked it out of the park. The flowing blouse, skinny jeans and strappy boots add some glamorous rock ‘n roll vibes which is a bit of a departure from her preppy style. But it’s not too different. The bag and the beauty look make it clear that “the old Taylor” isn’t dead.

Leaving Her Apartment, 2014

Hands up if you’re looking forward to fall after seeing this outfit? The knit sweater, beanie hat, and tall boots are enough to make people wish for the changing leaves and brisk temperatures. These pieces are similar to what we have in our wardrobes, but Taylor has styled them in a very cozy-chic way. What’s more, the rich color palette is elegant and perfect for the cooler weather.

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