16 Times Cara Delevingne Was Relatable AF on Instagram

Cara Delevingne is quite possibly the coolest celebrity out there right now. Not only has she made it to supermodel status, she’s taken the plunge into acting and she’s been quite successful, I might add. After starring in Paper Towns and Suicide Squad, she’s definitely honed her acting skills and shown us what she can really do.

With her new movie, Valerian, releasing in just a few days, we can’t help but wonder what this star has been up to. Sometimes, it’s nice to get a sneak peek into the lives of the people bringing major characters to life. She may have to set out to save the universe in Valerian, but deep down she’s still a normal, average person.

She’s actually a lot more like you and I than you might think. Here are 16 times Cara Delevingne was relatable AF on Instagram. Praise her normal, down-to-earth self. She may be worth millions of dollars but in reality, she’s not much different than the rest of us.

1. She Gazed Longingly at Chocolate

Sure, she may be shooting something for a commercial but the love we see in her eyes is real AF. You just can’t fake the level of desire you see in her eyes, no matter how great of an actress she is. Us too, girl. Us, too.

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