10 Celebrity Babies’ First Halloweens

There are a lot of important firsts for a baby. First steps, first words, first time crying in the middle of a mall and driving everyone crazy. But there are few firsts quite as adorable as the first Halloween. Is there anything cuter than a tiny costume? For my first Halloween, I was a pumpkin. I was very cute, obviously, but looking back it would have been nice if my first costume really made a statement about who I was or where I came from.

Since 2013 was the Year of the Celebrity Pregnancy, there are a lot of famous babies who will be celebrating their first Halloween when the end of the month rolls around. They’ll be in need of cute and creative costumes, and lucky for them we’ve got some ideas.

1. North West as Bigfoot

Sure, now we have two photos of Nori, but I’m still a little bit convinced she’s just an urban myth designed for money and ratings. If she does exist, what better way to play on that idea than to dress her up as one of the most famous (and most cuddly) urban myths out there? Plus, Bigfoot is known for sightings in the Pacific Northwest, so it all comes together.

2. Prince George As Joffrey Baratheon

The boy king dresses up as a boy king. It’s only natural. Sure Joffrey isn’t as benevolent as I’m sure George will be when he gets older, but a big part of Halloween is dressing up as villains, so it works. Bonus points if William and Kate decorate his pram to look like an iron throne.

3.  Lincoln Bell Shepard as a Sloth

This one’s a given. What else would the daughter of Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard wear for Halloween besides a baby sloth costume? The only thing that would make it even more perfect would be if Dax didn’t tell Kristen about it beforehand and then surprised her. With a camera recording her reaction for us to later enjoy. Kristen and Dax haven’t released pictures of Lincoln, so for all we know she might actually be a sloth.

4. Everly Tatum as an Angel

Have you seen this glowy baby and her radiant parents? Stick some angel wings and a halo on her and have Channing hold her above his head Lion King style to make it look like she’s flying. She’ll be so convincing someone will ask to borrow her for the top of their Christmas tree.

5. Ace Knute Johnson as a Can of Chicken of the Sea

Not only would this show that Jessica Simpson is willing to laugh at herself, but it would be an opportunity for her to teach her children about her most important contribution to pop culture. She could walk around holding Ace in his costume going, “Is it tuna or is it baby?”

6. Axl Duhamel as a Literal Black Eyed Pea

Axl’s got the perfect little face to stick out of a cozy round black eyed pea costume. If Fergie and Josh Duhamel have any other babies soon they can line them up side by side in a baby carriage and call them black eyed peas in a pod. I bet it would even get Will.i.am to smile.

7. Carmen Baldwin as a Paparazzo

What better way for Alec Baldwin to get back at the paparazzi who infuriate him so much than to show them how much more adorable his baby daughter is than they are when she holds a tiny camera with a comically oversized lens?

8. Winnie Rose Fallon as Jay Leno

This would be such a classic Jimmy Fallon move to poke fun at the guy whose job he’ll be taking next year. Strap an enormous chin on her, put a gray wig on her head and have her hold a sign with a bad joke written on it. If Winnie really wants to get into character she can share a some of her candy with another baby and then decide she wants it back.

9. Maven Morgan as the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland

Maven already has this costume in her closet, based on the photo her daddy Tracy Morgan shared of her all wrapped up in her little stretchy cocoon. The hookah pipe probably shouldn’t be included, though.

10. Dominic Lopez as a Mirror

This is the perfect way for Mario Lopez to deal with spending Halloween night away from his scheduled quality time with his reflection. Just get a baby-sized mirror, strap it onto the front of little Dominic while he’s sleeping in his carriage, and wait for the compliments to come pouring in. Compliments about how hot Mario looks, of course.

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